What Happens If I Change My WordPress.com Theme?

Changing your WordPress theme can be a scary prospect if you’ve already invested a lot of time and effort building your site – what if you click the button and ‘poof!’ your site becomes dust?!

So here’s a guide to what will and won’t change about your site when you switch themes. Depending on the specific themes you are switching between your experience may be more or less tricky.

The overarching rule is that anything that is a core WordPress feature will remain, and all plugins and their features will remain, but anything that is theme-specific will no longer be available to you.

You won’t lose content….

All the pages and posts you have created will still exist.


Pages and Posts are core WordPress features so they will always be there. But if your theme has created custom post types for things like Portfolios, or a Slider – if you switch to another theme, that content will be gone.

You shouldn’t lose your widgets…


You don’t lose any of those – they are not part of the theme.

The only thing you may lose is the content of text widgets, so it’s best to copy it and paste it in a simple text editor before switching. (But you don’t have any text widgets in your sidebar.)

Also note:

– Depending on the theme, your widgets may temporarily disappear when you switch: some themes will initially display their own preset selection. Then you go to Design>Widgets and click Save Changes or add any widget; that cancels the preset.

– If you switch to a theme with a different number of sidebars, you may have to rearrange the widgets accordingly.

– A few themes are not widget aware or have their own different set of widgets.

– Some themes do not display header page tabs. (But that’s just a design preference: it’s no problem if you have or you add the Pages widget, so that pages display in the sidebar.)


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