Hoping you will sign on the Blue Dot line

A healthy future for Canadian children is at stake.

Large industrial projects are too often approved without adequate and publicly transparent environmental assessments; they thus lack the oversight and monitoring to ensure the environmental health and well being of nearby communities.

Pollution in Canada

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Leduc oil

Pollution is an environmental issue in Canada. It has posed health risks to the Canadian population and is an area of concern for Canadian lawmakers. Air, water and soil pollution as well as the health effects associated with these three types of pollution, are prominent points of contention in modern Canadian society.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pollution_in_Canada

By signing the online petition you are setting the stage, and a guarantee for your childrens children,so in years to come they will have clean water,fresh air and a healthy enviroment for years to come.

Canada currently ranks second last out of 25 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries in terms of environmental performance. There are 110 nations in the world whose citizens have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water and live in a healthy environment. Canada is not on that list.

Our ultimate goal is to have the right to a healthy environment recognized in the Constitution’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and a federal environmental bill of rights is a logical precursor.

You can personally sign the petition by going to bluedot.ca.




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