Food Scams and Shrinking Products

Are you getting scammed at the supermarket? – How do you feel about that ?

Amazingly enough, we all know the products we purchase at the supermarket contain less. Slim the box then, as a result we have immoral standards reflecting on manufacturing companys.

Confuscious say: Check out the price per 100 grams for the products you usually buy. If it changes, it could be because you’re getting less for your dollar.

A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.
Alexa Von Tobel
Twitter @sunburst2014
“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives.
-Tim O’Brien,Tomcat In Love: A Book that inspires.


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