Tom Mulcair Says NDP Won’t Tax Super-Rich

This article shows some interesting data percentages on taxing the middle class and the super rich.Althou the posted date is past, ideas reflect attitudes and intentions of party candidates.
The calculated provincial comparisons might shock you.
The income earnings and marginal tax rates are also alarming.

Former NDP strategist Ian Capstick told HuffPost the federal NDP won’t muse about tax increases because it’s afraid of Bay Street.

“People who are from Bay Street don’t want their taxes increased, and without Bay Street, you cannot win elections,” said Capstick, who runs the communications firm MediaStyle. “Without Canada’s bankers behind you, Canadians view you as being fiscally irresponsible.”

All it takes is a handful of chief economists from Canada’s largest banks to hem and haw in unison, Capstick said, to kill a party’s electoral prospects.

“While it might be a great idea from a public policy standpoint, it is a horrific idea from a political standpoint.”

Mulcair spokesman George Smith would not say whether the NDP might consider hiking the GST or rolling back the Conservatives’ boutique tax credits to pay for increases in social spending.

author-We definitely need higher taxes on the rich.
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