Toxic Foods: There Is Antifreeze In Your Ice Cream | Health

Along time ago in a far away place,farmers created icecream !!
And the children loved it.It was even good for them,omg.


Not long ago industry decided to be greedy,and mass produce a product for wealth,caring absolutely nothing
about your health,or the toxins you ingest daily.To find out why your icecream is toxic,and has ethylene glycol(antifreeze) added,
follow the link below:

So who do you love more,the farmer or the greedy entroponeur ? Does it matter how you spell it ?
“Get it to the customer in a creamy soft consistency, I don’t care how you do it”.
This is the attitude of business greed,that delivers your food.

Poisonous to your pets
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“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― It’s another beautiful day on the Bay Of Quinte – Z
-Tim O’Brien,Tomcat In Love: A Book that inspires.


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