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Birds who are not plucked alive or force-fed still spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions on factory farms before being killed in a violent, painful way.

Lululemon is also aware that goose farms contribute to the same environmental problems as other factory farms, and yet the company continues to sell down products. Selling down is inconsistent with Lululemon’s promotion of compassion and environmental stewardship.

Lululemon understands the benefits of cruelty-free synthetic materials, as the company already features many of these products in its stores and online. Please urge Lululemon to take a compassionate stance for geese and the Earth by no longer selling down.

Yoga-apparel company Lululemon continues to sell cruelly produced down. It’s defending its practices by claiming that its down does not come from birds who have been plucked while they are still alive or violently force-fed for foie gras. However, the reality is that it is nearly impossible to track feathers back to their original supplier and determine how the feathers were obtained since the physical products all look exactly the same. Relying on farm audits has also proved unreliable, as undercover investigations have shown that some suppliers that assure companies that their birds are treated humanely are in fact live-plucking or using birds for the cruel production of foie gras. Lululemon also states that it is “working with our vendor to have full visibility into our down sources,” which leads one to ask why that’s necessary if the company is sure that it’s not currently sourcing down from live-plucked birds or those who were force-fed for foie gras.


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