Help safeguard the Ontario Greenbelt | David Suzuki Foundation

Help safeguard the Ontario Greenbelt.
Help strengthen and grow the Greenbelt by submitting your comments before May 28, 2015.

(Credit: Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation)
The Ontario Greenbelt is awesome. And now’s your chance to show it your love.
For the past ten years, the Greenbelt has been quietly protecting more than 7,000 square kilometres of farmland, woodlots, wetlands and waterways from urban sprawl. Thousands of farms have produced billions of dollars’ worth of local fruit, vegetables and award-winning wines. The Greenbelt’s also been efficiently filtering the region’s air and water, providing a home for dozens of species at risk and helping to keep nearby communities cool.
But it ain’t easy being a Greenbelt…
Threats facing the Ontario Greenbelt include proposals for new highways, pipelines, hydro corridors and sprawling subdivisions. This new infrastructure risks fragmenting the Greenbelt’s natural and agricultural systems, enabling leapfrog development outside the Greenbelt, and adding to climate change. The Greenbelt’s immense value demonstrates the need to bring nature into the equation when planning community growth and managing infrastructure.
Ontario’s government is currently reviewing the legislation that created the Greenbelt in 2005 (called the “Greenbelt Plan”) and wants to hear from you.
Help strengthen and grow the Greenbelt by submitting your comments before May 28, 2015. You just need to take the next minute to fill out your details on this page and hit send.
Want more info?
The Ontario government has lots of background information about the review. You can also read more about threats to the Greenbelt.
Make your voice heard by attending a public consultation near you. Check this page for more information.

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