Inflation in Canada 2015

  Percent wise,the cost of living is astronomical right now and it’s still on the rise.
The reason social unrest is rising, is the consequences of these economic policies on those less fortunate will create more and more social hardship.
Price level inflation is the increase in the price of goods. CPI, which is manipulated as you note, is not price level inflation. It also use an average meaning it effects people differently depending upon where they sit on hte bell curve.

Shocking excerpts people should know about value.Posted May 2015.

Keeping the interest rates low allows the gov’ts to continue the shell game of taking on ever increasing amounts of debt with low borrowing costs. Should interest rates ever rise to the average of the last 100 years, many more gov’ts would be heading the way of Greece. Starting with Ontario and Quebec.

You should read up on how they pretty much eliminated the cost of housing from the index.

“The CPI basket excludes mortgage principal, opting instead for a much 
lower expenditure weight to reflect long-term housing depreciation. 
(Prior to 2009, it excluded both interest and principal for secondary 
residences, too.) Also, the CPI basket either partly or entirely 
excludes current costs of land, renovations, condo and lot fees, 
indirect taxes and transaction fees for primary residences, and most 
current costs for secondary residences.” the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian gov’ts are stooges to the global banking cartel. They’re brainwashed like everybody else into believing that inflation is good, that when inflation is moderate, it’s good for the economy and that spending drives growth.

There’s nothing wrong with having a critical mind which doesn’t swallow the BS government feeds its populace.

The price at the pump has doubled. What is surprising is how much pharmacy prices for body creams, skin products and off the shelf medications have gone up. Cough medicines and such things have quadrupled in price compared to what we left…and these in fact have gone down in price in the US. I only have to look at my bills from a Canadian Walmart compared to what I paid at a US Walmart for all the same household products….many of exactly the same brand name.

Additionally average rents have skyrocketed…the property values doubling are one thing…good for the speculators…but really bad for people who aren’t flipping and are stuck with rapidly increasing property tax assessments. Fee’s for services are all up at least 50% across the board. Traffic tickets and fines have doubled. For the BOC to say that there is no inflation is a flat out lie.

I’d hate to be a senior on a fixed income. Is the BOC lieing because they’re trying to keep the people in the dark…to quell a revolt? Are broke people easier to manipulate?

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Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― It’s another beautiful day on the Bay Of Quinte – Z

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