The title track is a scathing indictment of the multinational GMO company. “The seeds of life aren’t what they once were/Mother Nature and God don’t own them any more,” Young sings in the haunting song about farmers growing GMO seeds.

 2014, Young raised $500,000 during his Honour The Treaties tour, which went toward helping the Athabasca Chipewyan fight further oil sands expansion on their traditional lands.

In January 2014, a number of prominent Canadian artists and scientists signed a letter opposing the oil sands expansion.

“The world is watching as we decide who we will become,” the letter read in part. “Will we disregard the treaties we have with First Nations? Will we continue to allow oil companies to continue to gut laws, silence scientists and dissemble civil society in order to allow reckless expansion of the oil sands?”

As The Monsanto Years shows, Young has lost none of the fire in his belly. Angry, cantankerous, righteous, incisive, and talented, seven decades on he continues to bring conviction to his music.

Rock on, Mr. Young, rock on.

Your views are important,we want to hear your take as well.

Author:Gary Wellings

Twitter @sunburst2014

Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― It’s another beautiful day on the Bay Of Quinte – Z


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