Poor Canada Lags behind in a healthy environmental bill of rights?

December 03,2014

An environmental bill of rights for Canada ? I thought we had all that already.  No ?

Your kidding me right.
FACT : No federal law includes a provision on environmental rights.

The environment, including the workplace, has an important impact on a person’s health.

It’s up to us the people, who breath this air,and drink that contaminated water,or work in an enviroment unsuitable to you,to
standup for an Environmental Bill of Rights,that protects Canadians.

Your enviromental protection needs to be spruced up to healthy standards.

Canada is lagging way behind at this point in time.

True or false? Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms explicitly protects our right to live in a healthy environment.

An environmental bill of rights for Canada? Yes, please! – Blue Dot Tour – David Suzuki Foundation.


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