Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Windows 10 launch: Is it worth the free upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS? – Tech2

If your wondering,like alot of computer users,should I upgrade to Windows 10,this article might help you make that decision easily.
Below are link to some very easy to understand articles.

No more optional updates

Notice how we mentioned optional update just now? If you like the bit where they’re optional. Stay away from Windows 10, possibly for good! Once you install Windows 10, you will get updates that change the way Windows looks, behaves, and the apps it includes regularly, and these updates will not be optional! Home users have updates forced on them while Pro users can delay them a bit, but eventually you go where Microsoft takes you. Welcome to Windows-as-a-Service.

This whole idea of a free upgrade to Windows 10 is Microsoft giving you the last opportunity to make a choice with updates. A choice they will no longer offer once you are on the Windows 10 train, you don’t know where it might go, and you can’t stop for long anywhere on the way. The choice you have is, whether or not you hop onboard.

Some additional facts about upgrading to Windows 10

More on Windows 10

Watch for links like this at the bottom of the articles (Read Part 4 of our series on Windows 10: Everyone’s excited about Windows 10, but what’s the real deal?)


Good luck

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