Watch “How the MTD Varidrive system works” on YouTube

Sometimes called a variable or hydrostatic drive,the vari-drive uses two main belts to feed motion from the engine pully to the rear axle transmission.Under the seat,remove the battery to access the main transmission pully and vari-idler belts.
On my Yard Works riding lawn tractor,which I’m led to believe is a mass produced assembly,sold to many company names.There are variasions in design but it’s all basically similar.
This is also called AutoDrive in the manual.
At the rear axle is a sliding double pully on one shaft,creating difference in belt tension,which changes the speed.

PART# 754-0467 Variable speed belt
Part # 754-0468  Drive belt

Experience: It’s what you get when you were expecting something else.

Are you one with your canoe ?

** I’m on a road trip,not driving !!!
All too often all your knee jerking accomplishes is stubbing your toe.

Your views are important,we want to hear your POV as well.

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Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.

“The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”
― It’s another beautiful day on the Bay Of Quinte – Z

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