Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8″ 32GB (Wi-Fi), Octa-Core

  Wouldn’t you know it,it’s already Super Bowl Sunday and there is barely a snow flake on the frozen ground here on the lovely Bay Of Quinte. The ice came in early January,only for a few weeks,and left over night on February the third.

If you click the link to open the review on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 you won’t be dissapointed.
I ordered mine thru The Source in Canada, and everything fell into place like a dream come true.
Now when does that ever happen to you.

No I don’t work for Samsung,but clicking the share button was so easy I couldn’t resist passing this along.

Enjoy Exynos 5433,octa-core 64 bit processor with 3 gig of ram.
A genuine 🍏 rival for the price.

Comes loaded with MS Word,PowerPoint,Excel,Note,OneDrive,and Skype.

It’s slim and lightweight, weighing only 389g, which is something of an achievement. It’s lighter than the 437g of the iPad Air 2, but is the exact same weight as the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet.


#sleek   #easy2use    #userfriendly  #business orientated  #dontlookback

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