Printing Larger Guitar Tablatures Using NotePad

If you been using computers to attempt printing or networking tasks since the Vic20,well this article could be the beginning of the end of all your headaches that Bates could never solve.

I have had many brands of  printers, and nameless cables, and system settings or properties,all never, hardly ever working at all,and shot errors on screen left and write.

Then WinXP OR Win7 Home came out. OMG we cheered,an OS that will finally task a few simPle home remedies,WRONG.

Well printers are networked wirelessly in our home now. This not a dream.  Did this come true?
No more wires? NOT ; STILL PLENTY OF WIRELESS WIRES and frustration.

JUST yesterday I decided to print out a few guitar tabs to practice up for a jam that was called up.
Well this little task was on going for two days and today I finally was able to print larger text so I could see whilst playing guitar.

Small tiny text seems to be in demand !!

Opening Nightly an X64  processed Browser,I proceeded to select tabs for guitar  music.
Aha,found one by George Strait I wanted to learn.
This shouldn’t take too long, aha haa.


1)  Copy then paste your text or tablature to NOTEPAD.
2) SET the font size to 14 or 16 from the drop down menu.
3) Make sure wordwrap is on.
4) Voila you should be able to read your tabs or text on the music stand without binoculars or eye strain,and a sore neck. 😉

Im sure there might be other tricks but I hope this one works for you.

Free tabs here


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