Not Time

Invariably time has no boundaries,or has been said does not exist,althou I sometimes wonder where its headed or how to forget about it altogether.
What could possibly be the reason for time other than to make a being be somewhere consistently for a certain period.

Ever think of why you might not want to get up and goto work in time,or on time?

Over a long period of time,a plan was set out,and it took hundred of years to put into action.
This time ,was created for a reason,mostly hidden to the layman or woman,and was accepted as  part of the day,but beknown to all it has nothing to do with the sun or the stars,but only so you may survive here, and not create too much turmoil.

Since the dawn of time,woman,along side him, struggled to stay warm and chew on that crunchy carrot dug out of the soft loose soil,which took forever to loosen up.But as woman along side him,decided there must be an easier way to get a free lunch.


Hey, Do you know where the water fall is ?

Chapter 2 continued  at a later time

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Experience: It’s what you get when you were expecting something else.

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