Screeching Squeeling HP Pavilion Laptop

If you have one of these annoying computers that will not stop squealing,I may have a fix for you.
Over night my laptop decided to ugrade to windows 10 by itself.Apparently auto update windows was turned on by mistake;big mistake there.

As the upgrade process continued the laptop began screeching loudly off and on throughout the process.
Nothing could be done since we were locked out and couldnt stop the process.

After a huge download finally stopped,we were asked to accept the microsoft aggreement,which I DECLINED.

Soon the system began to revert back to win7 and the screeching speaker and echoing stopped.

Thank the heavens the rest of our day was almost normal.

Well except for the new Connection Error which has developed as a result. 😈

Have a Great Day ! 😂


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