Fort McMurray,Alberta – Evac Plan Initiated Late ? Fort McMurray, Ablaze. May 5,2016

So glad you people got out in the nick of time.
Canadian neighbours across Canada share our hearts for you today and down the road.
Someone was looking out for you I’m sure.

Dry conditions have been well known in Alberta for decades,and the authorities still have no proper fire/ air-raid sirens ?
Why can’t air-raid sirens be implemented ?

Despite the massive assault on the fires, they continue to spread and firefighters are in retreat.



Winds do change direction occasionally.

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TIMELINE EVENTS ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Timeline of Fort McMurray wildfire that turned on the northern Alberta city with wind shift

Read 8 comments at the bottom of the edmonton journal.



People must get out sooner and before a firestorm hits !!

Data and authorities knew the conditions were right,but failed to initiate a complete and well informed fire ban.

Fire sirens for community announcements thru the citie are essential for a proper and a fully informed public.
Not everyone knew there was an evacuation executed in Fort Mac the day the fire broke out.

Just a thought for communities without a public warning system,here is a link to a community that has implemented such an emergency siren.

Links to Siren Defence

Solar powered highway signs have been implemented in parts of the world,for various public announcements.
Isolated area’s such as northern Alberta, requires more precautionary practices.

Nearly 90,000 people have now fled the flames of Fort McMurray. The powerful fire continues to shift and threaten many who have fled its path. Those who went north of Fort McMurray are cut off from the south by flames. And some of those who fled to points more south to safe communities have had to move again as the winds shift and the fire veers their way.  



Money cannot buy love,but hard working Albertans will prevail and overcome this tragety.
Your families and their warm smiles, will grip other Canadian neighbours who are behind you to rebuild.










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