Alberta’s on fire and we should be, too | National Observer

There are no bystanders

“This is not a time for blame”— So reads a collective comment on the Fort McMurray fires from the executive directors of some of Canada’s leading environmental non-governmental groups – organizations like Greenpeace, the David Suzuki Foundation, LeadNow, and the Sierra Club.

Although responsibility for the conflagration around Fort Mac is unevenly distributed, and there are many who have worked hard, for a long time, to try and steer away from such disasters, the responsibility for the future of our planet rests upon everyone’s shoulders.

We must all work to reduce our ecological footprint.

We must all divest from fossil fuel companies. If Bill and Melinda Gates cando it, so can we.
Best it be all of us

There are online media in this country that have directly and strenuously affirmed the reality of climate change and the solutions to mitigate or adapt to it, as well as related issues of environmental and social degradation: they include DesmogBlog (and its Canadian counterpart Desmog Canada), The Tyee (with many articles by acclaimed Canadian journalist Andrew Nikiforuk), the National Observer (and its progenitor the Vancouver Observer), Alternatives journal, and a host of others.

The forests around Fort McMurray and the tar sands, the epicentre of Canada’s contribution to fossil fuel extraction and global greenhouse gas production, have been ablaze for many weeks, with a heat and ferocity not seen in living memory.

Thank you Warren Bell for this push we all need.






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