Hydro Facts – Randy Hillier MPP

Hydro Facts – Ontario Most Expensive in Canada

First, a word or two on Hydro One. It was one of five — yes, five — new entities carved out from its predecessor, Ontario Hydro, by the Progressive Conservatives as part of an alphabet soup of electricity entities in the late 1990s. Hydro One doesn’t actually generate any power — that responsibility remains with another utility created by the Tories, Ontario Power Generation — it just transmits the power along electricity lines.

Nov 2015

The rates and graph have now been updated for all jurisdictions to reflect the prices as of May 1st 2016.

Have you had enough of escalating electricity rates, outrageous delivery addon, regulatory and debt charges, billing mistakes, and excuses from Hydro One and the Wynne Government?
No other province in Canada has such an outragious delivery addon.

Rising costs and all these extra charges have made Ontario the most expensive jurisdiction for electricity in Canada. I have put together this fact comparison with the other provinces- clearly this government’s energy policies are bankrupting us.

Alberta was left out of the comparisons due to multiple utilities operating throughout the province on different systems

Take a look at this chart demonstrating the all-in-cost for rural resident’s monthly billing across Canada.



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