How an Online Petition Works |

Make change with an online petition

A petition is a time-tested way to make change. At its simplest, it’s a clear request to a decision maker, signed by many supporters. With’s powerful online petition tool, you have power to connect with more people — and make more change — than ever before. Here’s how:
Why Online Petitions Work

Think of it this way: What if your company received thousands of emails from valued customers asking you to use a different supplier for your parts? What if you started to receive emails from each of your neighbours asking you to stop playing loud music at night? How quickly would you act?
That’s the unique thing about creating an online petition on when you specify an email address for your target, each time a supporter signs your petition, an email is automatically sent directly to that person. Governments, companies and individuals value their reputations and feel accountable to their neighbours, constituents and customers. When hundreds or even thousands of emails arrive in their inboxes, the message is very hard to ignore.
Online Petition Successes on

Petitions created on have resulted in victories on many different issues:
    The Ontario Government supports student-run gay-straight alliances in all publicly-funded schools

    South African Government Agrees to ‘Corrective’ Rape Activists’ Demands

    Secretary Clinton Publicly Supports Saudi Women’s Right to Drive

    Toronto City Council bans the sale of shark fins

    More victories by members

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