Chevy Bolt EV’s Battery Is As Big As A Tesla’s

One-Pedal Driving

As plug-in cars are already accustomed to, the Bolt is a vehicle that can save brake pads quite a bit.

Its regenerative braking including regen paddle that serves to slow the car and send current back to the battery enables much of the stopping to be done without using the friction brakes.

A “low” mode also adds to the effect which significantly increases regen braking action upon deceleration.

The automaker says a driver can completely stop the Bolt “under most circumstances” by lifting off the accelerator.

When it goes on sale later this year, the $37,500 U.S. Chevy Bolt will be the first electric car priced in the realm of a Nissan Leaf but with battery about as big as an entry level Tesla Model S.

Pricing Canada is relatively higher at $46k with a $16k rebate,as of this article dated,Jan,2016.

The Bolt’s 60-kwh pack is actually the size of what was supplied in the outgoing 208-mile range Model S 60 which sold through 2015 and which was replaced with a 70-kwh pack.

General Motors says the Chevy Bolt EV will get more than 200 miles range – a credible estimate and perhaps the only question remaining is how much more?

In any event, the Bolt has excellent interior space utilization and is near a midsize car by volume. Its flat battery does not intrude in the interior space and other techniques to squeeze precious useable space on a compact platform include thin seat backs and low-cut door sills for ingress/egress, along with other smart packaging.

Comparatively Speedy

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