The Loonys Report in

As of October 26 2016,the Canadian loony is valued at a wopping $.75 

That is cents folks not a dollar.It takes one hundred (100) cents to make a dollar Ottowa.

Wonder how the Senators will fare this season as usual along with the Leafs.

So word is Canada and the infamous Feds are going to keep the Sudbury miners working harder and churn out a new three (3d) $3 coin and call it the Tweeny.

Like gravity isn’t killing me already, I need a fucking wallet full of nickel ore up my ass.

Oh, picking up this high valued tweeny,on one side is blank and flip it you’ll see,well were not sure whose silhouette yet,chewing on a log 😅

It’s a meaning full mint logo worth a fortune in the millenium when the p. minister retires with his fortune.Except the true fellow gets no bills,only nickel ore coins to take back to Quebec.

True patriotism as fast as frogs can jump over a log during a Brussel failure.

Being able to sue Canada might put our valuable tweeny to work for the eu poor banks.
We need to stamp starving polar bears on the currency soon.

A proud Canadian can afford to holiday on the Yucatan swamp with scorpians and alligators in Florida chewing on your golf balls with weird looking black and red geese roaming the greens and shitting on the clubhouse front porch.

   two of the same if the TPP moves to law


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