Setting Up Your Stationary Bike for Blog  Riders

The first step in setting up an upright stationary bike is adjusting the seat to the appropriate height. Adjust the seat while you are wearing your workout shoes or your proper cycling shoes. A rough estimate of the seat height can be obtained by standing next to the bike and setting the seat height so it’s level with the top of your hip bone. Then sit on the seat, place your feet in/on the pedals and push down on one side until one of your legs is at the bottom of the stroke. Your leg should still have a slight bend in it (approximately twenty degrees). Adjust your seat up or down to achieve this; your seat is now set up for the most appropriate height. On a recumbent bike, the seat has a back to it like a chair and can only be adjusted forwards or backwards. Your seat position is appropriately adjusted when at the farthest point of your leg extension the knee still has a slight (approximately twenty degree) bend in it. Never cycle with a seat position that allows the knee to be unbent at the farthest point of leg extension.

Forget that blogging 2x plus exercise biking doesn’t cut it. ☺

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