Climate Scientist Pens Open Letter To President-Elect Trump : NPR

SHAPIRO: Be specific. What is your fear of what will happen if this administration ignores climate science?
SANTER: Well, if we ignore climate science, and if we back out of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, other countries will say, hey, if the U.S. doesn’t care about this, why should we?
SHAPIRO: Are other countries really making their decisions based on whether the U.S. does one thing or another?
SANTER: Well, we have a leadership role here. If we tell the rest of the world we don’t care about this, you shouldn’t either, that will make it much more difficult to get any kind of global effective agreement to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
SHAPIRO: China, for example, seems pretty committed to moving towards cleaner sources of energy whether or not the U.S. does. Do you think China would change its path if the U.S. goes more towards fossil fuels?

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