Stop Animal Testing Neutrogena



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Neutrogena is one of the largest and most influential beauty care companies in the world.

These beauty care company labs apply and inject chemicals into the animal’s skin or eyes to test the reaction of the substance to skin and organs. These badly damaged lab animals rarely receive any care for the injuries inflicted upon them during the testing process, and all are killed when they are no longer considered useful — usually by asphyxiation (suffocation), or decapitation.

This gruesome reality is part of the reason why 50% of U.S. adults are against animal research testing — according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. But none of it is necessary. Beauty companies can use some of the many chemicals that have already been proven safe. Or, they can choose to use non-animal testing methods.

Many of these non-animal testing methods are actually cheaper, quicker, and more reliable than animal testing. This is why so many companies have made the switch from animal testing to non-animal testing. It’s time for Neutrogena to join other beauty care companies and take the next step.

Help send an important message today by signing this petition and telling Neutrogena it’s time to end its cruel animal testing programs.



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  • NeutBrand manager
    Salini Bowen
  • Neutrogena President
    Jan Hall
  • Neutrogena Director, Marketing
    Jose Bimont


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​Please sign this petition and make a difference today.

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