Watch “Michio Kaku – Earth Day – March for Science & The State of the Planet” on YouTube■WARNING

Oh dear,Earth Day has arrived again..yikes!…boring

Its April 22,2017 and we have listen to those scientists,peace activists,tree huggers,clean water freaks,pollution whiners,David Suzuki types, complain and bark about recycling our garbage that we buy every day,or save hydro by turning the lights off..lool   …the impending end of Earth as we know it……. maybe only some of it will be under water  ●●●●NOT REALLY LISTENING .!?, ●●●●well,because they do not want to frighten you,or alarm the politicians, lool….Can you alarm the powers of office when there snoring or screaming in their little common house ?
WATCH but more importantly LISTEN and get ready to weep,its here and taking place as the years pass on.

Oh btw,its not the melting ice thats the problem.

Ocean levels will not change that much when the ice sheets are gone,but after that comes the land ice sliding into the Ocean…?

The killer is the rising water temp.As you know anything heated expands;right.

Thats the kicker folks..swelling atoms of water from Climate Swings.


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