Happiness in what We Believe ○ Human Focus

 If you are like most people,

then like most people,

you dont know your like most people.

So why bother spending time evaluating our differences ? duh

This can reflect a life time of creating personality distortions about mankind in itself.

Why do we exaggerate our differences from people in general,and

minimize the similarities among human beings ?

 Hard choices around lifes decisions are based on what we believe, about what will make us happy, but are often simply incorrect.  

Aren’t we just similiar; hmm yum  lessons learned from others may hold the golden key we cannot seem to find.  Blasted keys of life !   

So how can we predict our  course of action that will or will not make us happy in the future?

Ogga booga

Injecting an empathy vaccine of similarity may conjure up an antidote to empathy,by observing the relationship of other peoples behavior.

Daftly crafted cultivations of their experiences of happinessness or miserynessness essentials top off a good life.  When God said “eyes” did we hear pies ?.


I don't care what you write,just be nice about it. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to keep writing.

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