Thank you Seashepherd for all you do to keep the world’s eyes on the killing of Intelligent Sea life.

       If this was all about “Tradition” the people of the Faroe Ialands would not be using modern boats, jet ski, radio, ect.

         It is not even about “Food supply.” Many people do not even want this.

          It is about a few people who do not want anyone telling them right, from wrong. 

            They fail to understand they are killing Intelligent Sea Life, whole Pods, or Families. Creatures that know secrets of our seas we are only beginning to understand. 

        The killers are Akin to those who once believed the world was flat, and Ignorant. Governing powers should change the mentality.
Since May 21st, 517 pilot whales and 61 dolphins have been slaughtered on the Faroe Islands in the name of “tradition”. 
“Sea Shepherd’s objective is to expose this atrocity to the world,” wrote Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson.
We don’t share this information to shock nor to incite violence against the Faroese people (many who don’t actually like the grind, either). Our only goal is to protect these sentient marine mammals by ending this bloody slaughter. Read the article to find out how our fight has evolved:
#OpBloodFjords #GrindStop #VisitFaroeIslands
NOTE: We can’t condemn a bloody frenzy of enthusiastic killing while displaying violent language ourselves. Please keep your comments civilized, whether you’re for or against the grind. Repeat offenders will be forced to walk the plank (and be banned, sorry!)


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