POULAN 2400 WoodMaster Chain Saw Specs

2400 WoodMaster 24 c.i.

Carbeurator Settings –
LOW JET — 1 1/2 Turn

HIGH JET – 1 1/2 Turn

Oil Mix Ratio – 3.2 oz. oil to 1 gal. gas
Or 95 ml oil

Spark Plug – CJ7Y GAP- .025
CJ8 will work
File 5/32
ANGLE – 25°

Clean Cylinder Ports of carbon under MUFFLER with wood scraper.
Clean spark arrester with steel brush.

SPARK PLUG LOCATION – chain bar side


NOT STARTING OR NO POWER – TAKE SCREW OFF FRONT COVER OF Carburetor (Walbro) and remove cover. Screen inside cloggs up with saw dust.
Blow out with compressed air and clean jets.
Set both jets to 1 1/2 turns.


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