Actually, being more responsible with our resources and using our intelligence to develop renewable energy is essential whether one believes in climate change or not. A carbon tax is just that, extremely punitive without a definite rationale. We are provided with federal government rhetoric that it will promote incentives to say farewell to the fossil fuel business but there are no facts to back that up. What carbon compounds will be penalized and for how long? Unfortunately, all of our human efforts will have no effect on what any climate will do. We have deluded ourselves into thinking that we are our own masters. Everywhere we turn today, someone says it’s caused by climate change, the buzz phrase of this age. If science is to be taken seriously, there needs to be a consensus about the truth and that is not there. Vested interests in renewable energy have powerful lobbies and can be very convincing. Where there is money to be made, it won’t originate from an altruistic source.


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