Faroe Island Brats #Evil

The evil look of a slightly whipped dog.

How can evil still prevail in Denmark ?

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Opinion poll in Denmark

To get an impression of how the pilot whaling in Faroe Islands is viewed outside Faroe Islands and in

particular in Denmark, an opinion poll was undertaken by the independent company Nielsen in August

  1. A poll in Denmark, where people tend to defend Faroe Islands, because all are part of the Danish

Kingdom, could be expected to be very forgiving in attitude. From previous polls it is known that only

3% of the Danes support commercial whaling. At times certain government civil servants have

expressed that if the question was about the Faroese whaling only 3% would be against. The poll

however shows that the number of Danes against the pilot whaling is around 50% (see Annex 4).

The Facts


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