GHASTLY MurderZ ⊙ Nov 16,2018 Fiction

Really unlikely in our generation,but the future holds tales to be beamed down in a new planetary form of exotic drama,dreamed up or real by BollyBold movie makers.

Yes,new stars will be born in a galactic flurry of screen death to entertain your blood hungry children whilst chewing on a dead bird,and munching on Saturdays chicken dinner.

There aren’t ?

Martian zombies on Mars as of yet to be;except for the alien ones we haven’t discovered yet. So who did get murdered on the Red Planet In the last 10 million years? Possibly,no one.But you know,and I know, a murder will be executed on Mars in the near future.

What a gastly crime novel celebrities could turn over on a literally flaming screen.

What the Galactic Officer on The Scene Saw

The body of Dolly Gobble was discovered at the bottom of a large crator,in the tules.

Key Exhibits

It is unlikely she was moved on a shuttle,while dna reveals evidence samples of Gorky Park soil.Arkady last seen in Canada
GAP Report—Proposed Amendment to Rule 103(a).

ITEMS discovered in or near the crator rim:

1] Fake tweet DM @DJT roguebully allied Russia Vladimir SFSR KGB

2] Four Tattered iPhone Model 52I MAX encrypted data keys

4] BitCoins valued at 45 trillion,denominations unknown BTC

finney or satochi;Blockchain Wallet

5] Shabby Moon Boots

Victims last words..unknown

Best before Oct7,1952

Expect us for a peculiar update soon.

Galactic Investigators

Jeff Slaughter

Zob Gloop

Do ghastly interstellar events provoke your tattered,warped mind ?

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