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Flames shoot out of my snowblower…

Only a rich condition will cause enough fuel to remain unburned to the point where it will combust in the exhaust stream.

A timing problem (retarded- late spark) will also cause this to occur.

Check the color of the electrode on the spark plug to be sure of a lean/rich condition. It is the most accurate way to tell. If the electrode is sooty/wet appearing then you have a rich condition. If it is white-very light tan and glossy/glazed in appearance then it is running lean.

A well tuned engine’s plug will have a medium tan to slightly brown color to it.

You want a slightly rich condition for the following reasons especially on a snowblower.

1- To ensure enough fuel in cold temperature for ease of starting.

2- To prevent engine damage due to lean run. The combustion temperature in the cylinder can get hot enough to melt pistons if too lean.

Let the machine idle down for a minute before you shut it off. If you shut it down at full throttle it will dump raw fuel air mix into a hot muffler and cause a backfire.

You did the right thing to put a fuel stabilizer in at the end of the year. It will keep the fuel from spoiling but it will not do anything if you got some condensation in the tank. Can you drain the tank completely? A bit of water in your fuel can also be a factor to your issues.

As far as carburator adjustment goes- The majority of mixture screws on a carb will be -Turn in( clockwise) to lean. Counterclockwise to richen.

Let the engine come to temperature and with it at full throttle slowly lean the mix screws until it starts to get a lean mis-fire (runs rough). Then slowly richen the mixture until it smooths out. Keep backing it out slowly to where it gets a rich mis-fire (Runs rough and belches black smoke). Lean it out again to the point of misfire and then richen it to where it is smooth again and go 1/4 to 1/2 turn rich. That should do it!

I know it seems silly to go back and forth between lean/rich but you want the adjustment to be right in the “Sweet Spot” of the mixture range and the only way to tell is by going lean/rich a couple times. You want to be right in the middle between the two.


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