The BlurbS and Blogmments

Timeless content remaining motionless, but reveals tidal runs.

First off this is not a bio or any life history story about me thingy,but only a blurb. Reaching back into the past,is not recommended by Eckhart Tolle at all.
Your probably not into boating or fishing on the Bay of Quinte,or any expeditions.

After retirement a number of years ago,my beautiful wife of 46 years,presented me with an Android tablet for Xmas.What a great gift.Invariably my updating Kobo ereader found a new home on my pc keyboard charging for a few months.Writers on hold were Charlie Huston,Barry Eisler,Michael Connelly,James Crumley,Joseph Boyden,Nelson Demille,Ken Bruen to name only a few.Good thing their patient men.

Invariably whilst browsing the Playstore,Wordpress found itself in a folder somewhere unknown to me.This is where you came into the Interweb,or is it Outerweb.Bloggity,blog blog.Ha.

I need a cab quick…

In a real life time, expressing the moment parts the now with past and future….

All information produced or reproduced here is for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge. Articles are published on this site purely for educational reasons, for the purpose of information and with good intentions. 


I don't care what you write,just be nice about it. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to keep writing.

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