Movies Delish 2015

Birdman with Michael Keaton



A brilliant cast.Congrats

Whiplash with J.K. Simmons



The film is about jazz,and reaching your potential.
It’s smart,and exciting so get your popcorn at the start of the film.

“With Whiplash,” Chazelle says, “I wanted to make a movie about music that felt like a war movie, or a gangster movie – where instruments replaced weapons, where words felt as violent as guns, and where the action unfolded not on a battlefield, but in a school rehearsal room, or on a concert stage.”


2 thoughts on “Movies Delish 2015

  1. I loved both,but found Birdman alot more fun.Whiplash was so astoundingly serious,and the supposed abuse of the young musician sat me up in my seat.Such great acting and direction is so hard to come by lately.
    Have you seen any others you might recommend?
    I’m always looking 🙂


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