Individual Mind Space

Closing yourself in and seldom reaching beyond ones self can be rather comfortable,if you can manage it.
But why would you spread yourself so far out beyond your inner feelings and thoughts.
Expanding your thoughts beyond listening to your heart beat,involves extra stress and effort.
The tiny centre of ones well being, revolves within; not without.
The giving of ones self to others,far beyond your realm,or comfort zone, can be satisfying,or leaving the mind in a state of constant thought.
Peace brings embodyment.

Worldly distance dissolves all.
Which would one would you choose first,or can both be shared at alternate times?

Persistance for enlightenment is always a primary goal,leaving your heart beat at rest.

Sounding one’s self out for the long term,is an everlasting reward.



I don't care what you write,just be nice about it. Your comments are the source of my inspiration to keep writing.

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